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Control and Expertise of Radiocommunication Systems for Critical Operations

Unique French designer and manufacturer, our aim is to provide our civil and military customers complete solutions for aeronautical and maritime radio communication systems.
Our products and systems meet the most stringent requirements.
Globally recognized our innovative solutions are designed to guarantee our customers quality, reliability and performance.

Aeronautical and Maritime Radiocommunication Systems

Navigation Aid and Radio communication systems The Air Traffic is facing a huge growth. The safety of air traffic control (ATC) remains the top priority. Technical means with higher performance must be introduced. In order to face these constraints, the quality of aeronautical telecommunications is of utmost importance. To meet these needs TELERAD has developed a complete range of products.

In addition to VHF and UHF radio systems, the offer extends to Navigation Aid Systems as Non Directional Beacons or Directional Finders, VHF Data Broadcast for Differential landing systems (GBAS - Ground Based Augmentation Systems).


Tuesday 30 March 2021
Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, visits TELERAD

Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, visited the TELERAD plant on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. « SonoFlash » is the French answer to the implementation of an industrial sector for the manufacture of active and passive acoustic buoys. TELERAD is a partner of THALES in the « SonoFlash » project and brings its expertise in the field of […]

Monday 30 November 2020
The new issue of TELERAD Communication has been published.

The TELERAD Communication newsletter offers an approach on three levels: – Brief reports like for example, that describing the awarding of the refurbishment of the VHF coverage and change to VoIP of ten radio sites in French Polynesia and seven stations in New Caledonia. A production whose geographical coverage is the equivalent of an area […]

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