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Technical Support

Telephone assistance (Hot Line)

Professional Hot Line (references: Renault, SAGEM, TISCALI…) giving the customer the help of a TELERAD expert. Tracking of the calls for an optimum quality service.

When faulty equipment, this service permits:

  • Assistance for troubleshooting
  • Assistance for repair
  • Reconfiguration, adjustment
  • Advice and information
  • Technical expertise
  • Etc.

Telephone assistance adjustable according to the needs of our customers (7/7 day; 24/24H; 5/7 day; 8/24H, …). Can be multilingual.
Example: availability 24/24H on working days through a Green Number (specific TELERAD cards, type plastic credit cards).

Telephone assistance process:

  1. Call to the TELERAD Hot Line by a technician.
  2. The Hot line receives the information given by the technician (identity, function, problem, type of equipment, telephone number to call back…). Then the technician hangs up.
  3. A TELERAD expert calls back the technician within two hours, provided the Hot Line call occurred within working hours (8.30 am to 4.30 pm), or the following morning should the Hot Line call occurred outside the working hours.

Every call is daily-tracked.

Technical assistance on site

Technical assistance on site which permits:

  • Trouble-shooting assistance
  • Repair assistance
  • System expertise
  • Up-dating
  • Specific studies
  • Etc.

Our assistance on site is ensured by top-trained technicians.