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Research and Development

The Research & Development department is a driving force of TELERAD. It allows the company to remain a leader in the field of aeronautical and maritime communications.

All equipment manufactured and marketed by TELERAD, from the first radio for the Merchant Navy in the 50’s until the recent radios supporting the VoIP technology for Air Traffic Control, were designed by the TELERAD Research & Development Team.

With about fifteen engineers, TELERAD R&D expertise covers analog and digital electronics in areas as diverse as RF Transmit and Receive, microcontrollers and FPGA, digital signal processing, real time embedded operating systems, Voice over IP (VoIP) …

Logiciel de simulation et de développement ADS

ADS simulation and development software

The study and design are based on simulation and development software (ADS / Agilent, Spice, Integrity / GreenHills, ISE / Xilinx …), but testing and implementing remain very important, based on a wide experience related to ‘Radio’ environment, such as co-site specific constraints, reliability and performance requirements.
All these constraints, specific to civilian or military environments are considered and integrated in the early design phases.
In addition, the Research and Development department has got 3D mechanical design and PCB design expertise.

The engineers of the Research & Development department have extensively contributed to the development of different technologies in the ATC field such as 8.33 channelization, VDL Mode 2, GBAS or VoIP.

They are involved in ETSI (European Technical Standard Institute) and in Eurocae (The European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment) standardization process.

Moreover they are present in different working groups of the European Agency for the safety of air navigation ‘EUROCONTROL’ and participate to the implementation of technologies for the Single European Sky (SESAR).

TELERAD is recognized as an innovative company, it also offers R&D services to industrial customers.
Whether in the radio frequency domain (power amplification, reception, frequency synthesis…), software development, digital signal processing or analog and digital hardware, TELERAD engineers can analyze and respond to your specifications.

Among the references we designed:

  • airborne equipment such as GBAS VDB receivers for helicopters and UAV’s (Unmanned Arial Vehicle)
  • transmitters, receivers and transceivers in the VHF and UHF bands, in the civil and military ATC or maritime fields
  • remote control and monitoring systems.

The wide expertise of TELERAD engineers allows addressing many areas like SDRs (Software Defined Radio), NAVAIDS (radio navigation systems), redundancy or remote control and monitoring systems.